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Our Vision

Multiply Session 2: August 14, 2016 Evening Service

Multiply Session 2 with Pastor Nathan Brown: August 14, 2016 Evening Service

  1. If you had just heard these words from Jesus, How do you think you would have reacted?
  2. Assess your church experience throughout your life in light of Jesus’ command to make disciples. Would you say that our church is characterized by Disciple-Making? Why or why not?
  3. Have you identified yourself with Jesus through baptism? If so, why do you think this was an important step for you to take? If not, what is holding you back from being baptized?
  4. Would you say that you’re ready to commit yourself to studying the Scriptures and investing in the people around you? Why or why not?
  5. What excuses tend to keep you from following Jesus’ command to make disciples? What do you need to do in order to move past these excuses?
  6. Whom has God placed in your life right now that you can begin making into a disciple of Jesus Christ?
  7. Whom has God placed in your life for you to partner with in making disciples?
  8. Spend some time praying that God will make you into a committed and effective disciple maker. Confess any feelings of unpreparedness and insecurity. Ask Him to empower you for the ministry He is calling you too. Ask Him to lead you to the right people to partner with and the right people to begin discipling

Mark 12:35-44; August 14, 2016 Morning Service

Mark 12:35-44 with Pastor Nathan Brown: August 14, 2016 Morning Service

Point 1: The Messiah is to be understood as David’s ‘lord’ not merely his ‘son.’

Point 2: I want you to be obsessed with inward holiness that fuels outward devotion to God.

Point 3: Your valuation before God has nothing to do with who you are, or what you have in this life. God wants to see what you have sacrificed for Him.

Multiply Series: Session 1

Multiply Series: Session 1 with Pastor Nathan Brown

What is a Disciple with Francis Chan and David Platt

1. Up to this point in your life, would you call yourself a true follower of Christ? Do you, and more specifically, others see evidence of your faith as described in Luke 6:40?

2. Read Ephesians 2 this week, and ask yourself the question: Do I trust the death of Christ for my salvation? Do I ever struggle with thinking I need something more to receive it? Ex: doing good things, getting cleaned up first then coming to Christ?

3. Evaluate your approach to following Jesus. Would you say that you view Jesus as your Lord, Master, and Owner? Why or why not?

4. As you look at your life, how would you say that your love for God is shown in your actions? (If you are having trouble fleshing that love out, take some time to think about some changes you may need to make in your lifestyle.)

5. If you choose to obey Jesus’ call to follow, what might it cost you?

6. What might hold you back from following Jesus at this point? Are you willing to let go of these things if necessary?

7. Before you leave, spend some time in prayer. Ask God to work in your heart and prepare you for what is ahead. He simply calls us to follow wherever He leads. Ask Him to give you the strength to proceed and follow Him no matter what the cost.